Howdy. My name is Hannah Morris. I’m a Nashville native with the sweetest Siberian Husky puppy in the world, a passion for visual storytelling and a strong desire for knowledge and understanding.

I love bloggers/vloggers with big personalities who are bursting at the seams with spontaneity and life, but I will admit that I am quite the opposite. I am a quiet, pragmatic, analytic observer. I, too, have big opinions, but I am just better at expressing them in different ways. I have the alternative opinion.

I was born in the peach state but grew up in Nashville, Tennessee where I lived my childhood and teenage years in all my quirky glory in complete creative freedom. I was fortunate enough to channel those things into pursuing a degree in visual communication from Middle Tennessee State University.

From there, I worked to obtain my dream job with the NHL – a marketing coordinator position with the Nashville Predators, where no day of mine holds the same thing, aside from the pungent smell of sweaty ice hockey gear and a guarantee of needing a jacket.

When I’m not at the rink, I can be found exploring the great city of Nashville with a cup of coffee in my hand, taking photographs, spending time with my puppy, thrift shopping, watching the cheesiest reality television shows or at a concert.

Let’s connect!

Photo by Ray & Alyssa Palumbo