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I thrift like it’s my full-time job. If I’m not thrifting, I’m watching others thrift on YouTube. I love the thrill of the find, knowing I have new items to wear that are unique, knowing each piece I procure is just a few dollars, if that, and knowing that I’m not contributing to fast fashion.

I hope to expound upon each of those points in future and more detailed posts, but for now, I want to present to you some of my favorite finds for the month of May. If my finds interest you, have a look at my Poshmark, where all of my thrifted finds eventually go to find new homes.

One piece I will never say no to (and still have not found the perfect one) is a long-sleeved, white or cream colored sweater. It’s pretty chilly where I work and I am a big fan of neutrals, so this was a no brainer. Found at: Goodwill

A brand spankin’ new Weezer pullover. What are the odds that this would end up at Goodwill? I actually attended a Weezer show in 2017 and didn’t buy any merch because I’m cheap. Turns out I made the right decision, because here I am, living in my new Weezer pullover. Seriously, I wore this thing for four days straight the week I bought it. Found at: Goodwill

Fairly recently, a good friend of mine joked about hosting a costume party for my birthday this year, where the requirements would be to dress up like me. It’s pretty likely guests would show up in a denim jacket of some sort. Here’s another landing in my collection – a Goodfellow jean jacket in perfect condition. Just needs worn in a bit. Found at: Goodwill

I am in awe this top hadn’t been snatched up sooner. The beading detail is just fabulous and it’s in perfect condition. I haven’t quite decided where I will wear this beauty, but I definitely don’t plan on letting it go to waste by letting it sit in my closet forever. Found at: Goodwill

I’m no stranger to wearing black or long sleeves in the summer. This top with beautiful high-low ruffle bell sleeves was screaming my name, especially with this beautiful button detail in the back. Subtle, yet unique. Found at: Goodwill

Here we are again, a neutral, warm and cozy sweater. I’m a big fan of this particular sweater, as it has a very beautiful stitched pattern across the body and sleeves. It makes a plain sweater seem a little more dressed up.
Found at: Goodwill

I’m about 5’8″ and most generic dress makers don’t make dresses for girls my height. This being said, I was thrilled to find a dress that was just a little longer that I could wear without jeans underneath.
Found at: Goodwill

This is the only time I will allow shoes on my furniture. That’s such an enormous pet peeve of mine. These nicely sitting on a duster bag, which I’ve never owned anything that came with a duster bag, so you can probably imagine how fancy I feel right now. These boots were just a bit of a splurge, even as a thrifted find. However, they were well worth the price, as they’re incredibly gently worn and are from the brand Nisolo. Their shoes made ethically and sustainably and I appreciate that. I also appreciate that the toes are pointed and I will have a black pair of shoes in my closet instead of brown boots galore. Found at: Buffalo Exchange

I’ve lived in Nashville for fourteen years and these bad boys will be my first “cowboy boot” styled shoes. I will also go so far as to say these will be the only “cowboy boot” style shoes I will own. Found at: Goodwill

Cropped shirts and I don’t get along, at all. However, this one is a bit longer and the print is too adorable, so I will suck up my disdain for shirts of this type, stick some high waisted jeans on and rock it. Found at: Buffalo Exchange

Do you like this style post? Would it be more interesting to see these clothes being worn/styled or do posts of the items alone make more sense? Leave a comment below and let me know!